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Teaching and Learning Center


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Faculty Development Day Spring 2018


January 25, 2018

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Faculty Development Day Fall 2017

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Teaching Resources for Difficult Times

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We live and teach in and between contexts that challenge our expertise, energy, and assumptions. Our students live and learn in their own challenges of identity, circumstances, goals, failures, and beliefs. The list below provides some resources to support difficult conversations, referrals, and self-care for faculty at John Jay.

Any compilation of this kind will be limited in its assumptions, inclusivity, and appropriateness. Please address suggestions and objections to the Teaching & Learning Center so that we may improve resources for all.


Learning in Difficult Times Website
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This site is dedicated to supporting John Jay students, faculty, and staff seeking resources after the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Click on any title above to view a brief podcast, download an information sheet, and find additional resources relevant to your needs.

This site will continue to evolve with contribution from the John Jay College community.

As former John Jay College President Travis stated:

“John Jay has a special obligation to dig deep, reaffirm our core values, and respond vigorously to safeguard those values in our community.”

This website supports this obligation.