Sophomore Opportunities

Sophomore Opportunities

Sophomore Opportunities

I. Integrating academic, career and graduate school planning 

Check general academic progress, explore majors consider minors and double majors to support your professional goals. 

Academic Advising 

Rm. L.73 NB | | 646.557.4872 

Forensic science students should meet with their department to establish their undergraduate and post-college plans. 

Advisement in the Forensic Science Major  

Rm. 5.66.03 NB | | 212.484.1348 

Meet with a career counselor to create a four-year career plan that will support your graduate and professional school goals and career aspirations. 

Center for Career and Professional Development  

Rm. L.72 NB | | 212.237.8754 

Create your individual curricular and co-curricular plan for getting to law school. 

Pre Law Institute 

Rm. 1100 NH | | 646.557.4804 

II. Build your career and leadership skills and expand your network 

Meet with a career counselor to map out various events and activities that will develop your networking and leadership abilities. 

Center for Career and Professional Development

Rm. L.72 NB | | 212.237.8754 

Become civically engaged, give back to your community while building your network. 

Office of Community Outreach and Service Learning 

Rm. L.71.14 NB | 646.557.4820 

Learn about prestigious fellowship and scholarship opportunities and get assistance with the development of your application materials. 

Office of Fellowship & Scholarship Opportunities 

Rm. 1100 NH | | 646.557.4804 

Develop collaborative skills, become a team leader and engage in recreational or competitive activities that interest you by joining an athletic team or intramural activity. Go Bloodhounds! 


Rm. 4305 NH| 212.237.8395 

Engage on campus by joining a club, assuming a leadership role in a club or becoming a John Jay Trailblazer (Trailblazer contact: | 212.237.8698) 

Office of Student Life 

Rm. L2.69 NB | | 212.237.8732 

Learn from current lawyers and law students; develop the networking, analytic and critical writing skills needed to perform optimally as a law school applicant and law student. 

Pre Law Institute 

Rm. 1100 NH | | 646.557.4804 

Volunteer at the Center to conduct advocacy and outreach activities, and participate in the development of programming. 

Women’s Center  

Rm. L.67.10 NB | | 212.237.8184 

III. Apply to special opportunities 

Earn money while giving back to the people of NYC. 

Join the CUNY Service Corps 

John Jay Campus Affiliate - Office of Community Outreach and Service Learning

Rm. L.71.14 NB | 646.557.4820 

Investigate study abroad opportunities and learn how to finance your trip. 

International Studies and Programs 

Rm. 1101–1105 NH | | 212.484.1339 

Students under represented in higher education can receive mentoring to support plans for graduate school study including doctoral degree attainment.Sophomore eligibility info

Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program  

Rm. 9.63.11 NB | | 212.237.8760 

Find out why you should get involved in research and how to do it at John Jay. 

Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR):

Rm. 8.66 NB | | 646-557-4718 

Interested in the youth justice field? Use your sophomore year to prepare to apply as a junior or a senior. 

Pinkerton Fellowship Initiative 

Rm. 600 B | | 212-237-8240 

Participate in specialized pre-law preparatory programs that provide information and build academic skills as you prepare for law school. 

Pre Law Institute

Rm. 1100 NH | | 646.557.4804 

As a Forensic Science major at the beginning of your sophomore year, you will receive a faculty mentor to learn about a particular research area in science. 

PRISM: The Program for Research Initiatives for Science Majors 

Rm. 5.61.00 NB | | 212. 237.8989 

Apply as a sophomore for this two-year undergraduate program to learn about the study of law Ronald H. Brown Summer Pre-Law Program 

Rm. 8.63.05 NB | | (212) 237-8749 

Apply now to take coursework and intern in the areas of social justice and public service beginning in your junior year. 

Vera Fellows Program

Rm. 6.65.10 NB | | 212.237.8453 

IV. Apply for peer opportunities on campus

Build leadership skills, engage with students, faculty and staff. Note: the application cycle for these positions varies depending upon the opportunity. Check with individual programs for specific application procedures and timelines. 

Assist students with academic advising. 

Peer Advisor Program. Academic Advising

Rm. L.73 NB | | 646.557.4872 

Be the face of John Jay for campus events and interact with individuals from inside and outside the campus community. 

Peer Ambassador Program. Student Transition Programs.  

Rm. L2.70.01 NB | |646.557.4797 

Provide outreach and peer-level interpersonal support for students. To be eligible view the requirements, which include a two-semester training programPeer Counseling Program

Counseling Center Rm. L.68 NB | |212.237.8271

Assist freshmen and transfer students along their Academic Journey so they can be successful students like you.

Peer Mentor Program. Student Academic Success Programs.  

Rm. L2.76 NB | | 646.557-4422 

African-American and Latino/a students should consider becoming a mentor or advisor in their junior year to fellow UMI students. 

Urban Male Initiative (UMI) 

Rm. L.74.02 NB | | 646.557.4557 

Peer Tutor Opportunities 

Fluent in a language other than English? Find out if the lab supports that language and is hiring. 

Foreign Language Lab

Rm. 7.64 NB | | 212.484.1140 

Apply to be a peer tutor at the Math & Science Resource Center. View position description, minimum qualifications, relevant deadlines and application forms. 

MSRC – Math & Science Resource Center

Rm. 1.94 NB | | 646.557.4635 

Become a peer tutor to help SEEK students perform their best in their humanities courses. 

SEEK – Academic Support Center for the Humanities.

Rm. 3310 N | | 212.237-8883 

Become a peer tutor to help SEEK students perform their best in their math and science courses. 

SEEK - Academic Support Center for Math & Science.

Rm. 3119 N | | 212.393.6389 

Completed your ENG 101 & 201 with a grade of “A”? Ask your professor to nominate you to be a tutor to assist other students to learn how to write well. Requires a two-course training program. 

Writing Center 

Rm. 1.68 NB |212.237.8569 

V. Additional Support

Most applications for special opportunities require similar documents, which may include – resumes, cover letters and personal statements. These offices can support you.  

Get assistance with your resumes and cover letters. 

Center for Career and Professional Development

Rm. L.72 NB | | 212.237.8754 

Get assistance in development of application materials for competitive, prestigious fellowship and scholarship opportunities. 

Office of Fellowship & Scholarship Opportunities

Rm. 1100 NH || 646.557.4804 

Get assistance with personal statements. 

Writing Center 

Rm. 1.68 NB |212.237.8569