Psychology & Law Research Interests

Psychology & Law Research Interests

Scholarly activity in this track focuses on the following topics:

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Psychology of the Trial Process

The emphasis is on applying psychological methods and theory to improve the process by which the police and court system handles individuals detained, arrested, and tried for crimes

Deception, interrogations, confessions   



Scientific evidence & expert testimony


Psychology of Social Issues and Social Justice

The methods and issues here focus on field research and survey research studying naturally occurring processes in real-world settings. The emphasis is on using psychology to address social injustices and related social issues.

Assessment, measurement & program evaluation

Discrimination, diversity & culture


Law, policy & social justice


Psychology of Intra- and Interpersonal Processes Related to Criminal Justice

The emphasis is on psychological process at the nexus between intra-personal processes and interpersonal processes that affect social behavior related to criminal justice.

Attitudes, social influence/cognition

Child & family & community

Developmental processes

Interpersonal violence: Victims and offenders 

Policing and investigation