M.S. Requirements

M.S. Requirements

Master of Science in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity

Requirements for the degree program consist of 33 total credits for students who do a thesis and/or attain the CAD4SCI (Certificate in Applied Digital Forensic Science). Alternatively, 39 total credits are required with the six additional credits selected from the designated Forensic and Security or Criminal Justice electives .

Required Courses                                                         Subtotal: 15 credits

FCM 710 Architecture of Secure Operating Systems

FCM 742 Network Security

CRJ/FCM 752 Law and High Technology Crime

FCM 753 Digital Forensics Applications

FCM 760 Forensic Management of Digital Evidence

Forensic and Security Electives                                     Subtotal: 9 credits

FCM 700 Theoretical Foundations of Computing Security

FCM/FOS 705 Mathematical Statistics for Forensic Science

FCM 740 Data Communications and Forensics Security

FCM 745 Network Forensics

Criminal Justice Electives                                                   Subtotal: 3 credits

CRJ 708 Law, Evidence and Ethics

CRJ/FCM 727 Cybercriminology

CRJ 733 Constitutional Law

CRJ/PAD 750 Security of Information and Technology

Graduate Elective                                                                       Subtotal: 3 credits

Any course in the graduate catalog

(except for FCM 708 or FCM 709)

to include the above electives.


FCM 787/788/789 Cooperative Education (1-3 credits)

Capstone Options                                                                        Subtotal: 3 credits

Capstone Fieldwork + CAD4SCI                                                                       Total: 33 credits

Capstone Fieldwork                                                                                                Total: 39 credits*

FCM 780 Capstone Seminar and Fieldwork

Applied Research Project + CAD4SCI                                                             Total: 33 credits

Applied Research Project                                                                                     Total: 39 credits*

FCM 791 FCM Prospectus Seminar

Thesis                                                                                                                             Total: 33 credits

FCM 791 FCM Prospectus Seminar

* Requires six additional credits from Forensic and Security or Criminal Justice electives.

Applied Digital Forensic Science Certification Exam.

The Applied Digital Forensic Science Certification Exam balances the role of theory and practice in the program of study by challenging students to prove their capacity to use computer science to address practical problems in digital forensics and cybersecurity. The exam is optional for degree students but is required to qualify for the Capstone Fieldwork Option and the CAD4SCI. A grade of Low Pass or better is required to qualify for Capstone Fieldwork. A grade of Pass or better is required to qualify for the CAD4SCI. Students may take the exam upon completion of FCM 710, FCM 742 and FCM 760. It is administered by the faculty and usually offered twice a year. Students have two chances to be graded on the exam but may withdraw once before grading.


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