Level 1: Certified ADAAA (American with Disabilities Act Amendments Act) Advocate Program

Level 1: Certified ADAAA (American with Disabilities Act Amendments Act) Advocate Program

Become a certified ADAAA advocate and learn how to Level 1: Certified ADAAadvocate for litigants with invisible disabilities. This course is ideal for social workers, counselors, healthcare practitioners, attorneys, and any other profession that interacts with persons with disabilities.  Participants will become skilled at ethically advocating for persons with impairments through the use of combined medical/legal/coaching skills. Ethical obligations, psychological and physiological realities of serving persons with disabilities (PWDs) when under stress will be emphasized. Participants will learn recommendations for legal and social improvements needed in order to be in compliance with laws regarding civil rights, disability rights, and social responsibilities.

What to expect:

  • Students can expect a welcome packet at least 3 days prior to the advertised start of the class.
  • The welcome packet will contain blackboard login credentials and instructions.

If you have any questions regarding the course content, please email khuffer@jjay.cuny.edu or call 212-237-8699


Start Date: July 31, 2017*
End Date: October 29, 2017

Tuition: $995

* Registration for the course is still open until August 31, 2017. Please email Marilyn Estevez at mestevez@jjay.cuny.edu to register and send $995 money order made out to John Jay College and mail to the following address:

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Professional Studies - ADAAA Program
524 West 59th Street, BMW 612
New York, NY 10019

Please note that a separate book purchase of $60.00 is required for the class. To purchase the mandatory book "Unlocking Justice - Manual" please click here.