Emergency Funding

Emergency Funding

The Carroll & Milton Petrie Fund
Student Emergency Grant

Emergencies that qualify for the Grant include:

  • Homelessness due to loss of housing, for student and dependent family members;
  • Travel expenses due to illness/death in immediate family. Documentation in the form of a death notice, funeral home information and travel reservation will be required;
  • Overdue utility bills/turnoff notice;
  • Temporary loss of student’s job or income due to documented downsizing, medical disability or family care obligations;
  • Medically necessary diagnostic appointments, medical and dental procedures, or surgeries that have not been covered by insurance;
  • Food or transportation needs;
  • Loss of textbook, school supplies or a personal computer due to theft or damage;
  • Loss of clothing for the student due to a catastrophic event such as a fire, flood, accident etc;
  • Loss of childcare.


Grant Funds will not be awarded:

  • To cover college debts;
  • To pay for full or partial tuition or college fees;
  • To pay for legal representation in a criminal proceeding or John Jay College disciplinary proceeding;
  • For more than one emergency in the academic year;
  • Prep examination fees and/or graduate application fees.


Eligibility Requirement for the Grant:

  • Students must be matriculated and be in good academic standing, minimum GPA 2.0 and/or demonstrate the aptitude for higher grades if his/her financial circumstances were altered.
  • Students must have a record of good conduct;
  • Students must have paid tuition to John Jay College;
  • Students must submit a personal statement and required supporting documentation.


Funds are capped at $1,000.00; requests for amounts over $1,000.00 must be approved by the Emergency Funds Committee. If a student is not eligible to receive Petrie Foundation Grant funds, they may be eligible for the Student Emergency Assistant Fund based on the discretion of the Emergency Funds Committee.

How to Apply

To qualify, one must check in with an Emergency Funding counselor at the Wellness Center, fill out paper work & go through an interview to establish eligibility.