CSIBridge Requirements

CSIBridge Requirements


Computer Science for Digital Forensics Certificate Program

CSIBridge, our Computer Science for Digital Forensics Certficate Program, allows candidates to gain the academic background needed to study digital forensics based on computer science and qualify for the Master of Science in Forensic Computing degree program.

The certificate program entails four courses offered at the graduate level. The first two are intensive semester long foundations courses that provide a survey of core computer science tailored to digital forensics. One foundations course considers operating systems, computer architecture and networks while the other covers programming and math essentials.

The two foundations courses are followed by two core courses in the degree program. Students who complete these four courses with grades of B or better receive a Certificate and may apply for transfer to the degree program.

FCM 708 Foundations for Digital Forensics I*

FCM 709 Foundations for Digital Forensics II*

FCM 710 Architecture of Secure Operating Systems

FCM 742 Network Security

  • * Preparatory course that does not count toward the M.S. degree